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Groomers went out this morning at Forestville with the Ginzu equipment and we are pleased to report that the skate lane is coming along nicely.  There is some thin cover in places however.  All Forestville trails inside 17K will be groomed or roll packed but if you are skiing in the area please use extreme caution on the steep down hills.  And, remember, don’t snow plow.  As our NTN trail grooming reporter said…”if you have to snowplow,  you’re on the wrong trail”.  This is especially true as trails are getting set up – snowplowing will prevent trails from getting established correctly.

There isn’t enough snow for a credible classic track, yet, but groomers did attempt to set track so you WILL see it in a few places.

No report on trail conditions from the CR 510 trailhead but snow cover is thicker in the higher elevations.  Groomers haven’t traversed the Mead Hills (17K-24K) just yet…the terrain there requires more snow depth so as not to cause more harm than good with the machines.  With the recent lake effect snow it’s also likely snow depths are quite varied in that area – trail can go from thick to thin in the matter of less than a Kilometer.  There is more snow in the forecast and all signs point to having trail up to the CR 510 trailhead soon.  That also means the newly created Mead Hills bypass will be ready to ski too!  Let us know on the Facebook page or Instagram if you have first tracks out there…there better be pictures…or it didn’t happen.

Of course, no grooming west of CR 510 on the private land…you don’t get that until race day.

There haven’t been any grooming reports from Al Quaal, but we expect decent early season conditions in Ishpeming.

Snow is accumulating little by little!

See you out on the trails!

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