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We missed all of the lake effect during the cold snap – it all went to the east or west of us.  Despite that, the trails are doing quite well although the usual thin spots are thin but those are easy enough to ski around.  The base is nice and hard and the groomers are farming the snow really well.  There were quite a few skiers out today and despite the cold, we were all enjoying ourselves.  I don’t recommend going past the 17K mark into the Mead Hills at this time…although you can (I did).  The only reason is because you have to get through the bridges area and it gets “sporty” pretty quick.  It’s not been touched since the snow stopped so it is uneven BUT I was pleasantly surprised with the more open areas…it was definitely skiable, although it was un-groomed.  A few more inches in there and I think it will groom up nicely.

Overall had a great (very cold) ski this morning and there’s no reason to not be out there!  There is talk of a few inches this weekend but we look forward to a good snow event sometime soon. We are still ahead of last year at this time.

See you out on the trails!

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