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Four more inches of new snow fell again overnight.  The Bombi is running to the Co Rd 510 trail head TODAY!  The rest of the NTN grooming crew is out roll packing everything from 14K down to Tourist Park.  This means if you’re in the area you can now ski Tourist Park all the way up to CR 510 with Bombi carpet skiing from Forestville to CR 510.

If you’ve ever skied backwards on this (Tourist Park to CR 510) you know you’ll quickly find out how good of shape you are in (or not in).  If you do happen to ski from, or to, the Tourist Park trail head, please be cautious of the road crossings.

We’ll see if the new Mead Hills bypass gets groomed – there were some ruts created by the excavators in November while it was very wet. We observed in Mid December that we needed some more snow to cover those spots before a groom occurred.  I hope to have details on that by the start of next week.

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