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There was great skiing to be had over the weekend in the Forestville area. The last freeze/thaw cycle created some really firm pole plants. I got out to ski Sunday night after dark and even through the low areas and the bridges I found very good skating (a few spots of dirty snow were noted in the very thinnest of spots with thick hemlock cover, but nothing that would slow anyone down). The section from 17K up to the CR510 trailhead has now had two Bombi runs and things were good. We wait to see Monday and Tuesday if the bigger snow event occurs. I commented to myself that I’ve raced on entire courses that were in much worse shape than the thinnest spots I encountered last night. So, that said, again our attention is really centered on conditions west of CR510 (K’s 1-24). Granite Point has already been snowmobile packed (perhaps the earliest we’ve been able to get in there in a long time – that’s very positive).

That said, the ponds east of Forestville did have slush on them due to some ice fishermen drilling holes at inopportune times (nothing we can do about that – remember this is rugged/wilderness ski epic – we are in the woods). The NTN trail crew is already out working on these areas.

In other news, final preparations are being made regarding the finish line at the Log Yard. We should have no problems getting skiers and spectators in and out and spectators will be welcome on the buses going back and forth from the finish line to the Superior Dome. I will add that no final decisions have been made on the courses yet as we are still two weeks out and weather seems to have a hard time deciding what it’s going to do. But, we always make final course decisions the week of the race and take all factors into consideration so there’s nothing new there. Do keep praying for more snow and below freezing temperatures to persist through the next two weeks to improve the assurance of 50K’s of excellent conditions for point-to-point race-worthy ski trail in the deepwoods from Ishpeming to Marquette.

See you out on the trails!

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