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Our area received 8-10 inches of wet heavy snow on Monday and then temperatures dropped and the lake effect snow machine turned on!  An additional 6+ inches of snow fell across most of the areas of the course.

Early this morning Jason and Andy roll packed the new Mead Hills bypass and then rolled all of the new snow from CR510 to the Dead River Basin.  The report was that there was a lot of new snow and that the entire course is looking really good and snow was still coming down.  Snowmobile packing occurred in the Granite Point area the day prior and we found hip-deep snow there already.  There was 11 inches of ice on the Basin.  The recent cold daytime and overnight temperatures should help the lower ponds in the last 4K ice up more.  Because Monday’s snow was so wet and heavy on top of thinner ice we might see some water get pushed up – we’ll keep watching that area.  We’re still two weeks out and apart from a few days here and there the forecasted temperatures seem seasonable for now and is good for making ice especially overnight.

Things are looking great out there!

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