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No real concerns with the course at this point – in fact we should have some of the best conditions we have seen in years throughout the entirety of the course.  Temperatures will be very cold however so we are VERY STRONGLY recommending skiers take preventative measures.  Do plan for face tape over exposed and frostbite prone areas (nose, cheeks, etc), and wear a buff over exposed skin (two works best – one for the ears below the hat line and another for around the neck that can also be pulled up over the mouth), wind briefs/wind blocking underwear over sensitive areas of the body, and all under layers of clothing should be moisture wicking to keep moisture away from the skin. This weekend will not be the time to try and squeak out one last ski in your favorite pair of old ski gloves…you know…the ones with the holes in them. Pull out the good ones. Wear glasses to protect your eyes or a shield if you are concerned about glasses fogging up. Stash a few old fashioned hand warmers in your pockets in case of an equipment failure that would force you to stop skiing and start walking. These are relatively inexpensive, light, and fit well in pockets in case you need them. Use an insulated water bottle if you cary one. If you don’t, be sure to get fluids (HEED and water) and energy (Hammer Gel, food) at aid stations. Taking these precautions will ensure you have an enjoyable, and safe, ski! Also remember that there are very remote sections of trail on the Noque course and there are places with no cell phone service. Ski patrol will be on the trail, and aid stations are located approximately every 6-7K. If you see another skier in trouble stop and check them – if help is needed direct another person to contact medical staff at the next aid station or relay that info yourself so that we can attend to a skier in trouble.

We’ve also decided to cancel the 1K Junior Noque (for ages 7 & under) due to the cold temperatures.  The 3K and 5K Junior Noque races will continue as scheduled however.  Also, a decision will be made Friday morning (1/25) regarding any possible delay of the 50K marathon by 1 or 2 hours.  We will not cancel however.  So, be sure to stay tuned for more details.

We are looking forward to a great weekend!  More snow on the way tomorrow.

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