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The course is currently being prepped with the final groom.  The classic tracks look amazing and will be rock hard and the skate surface is great course wide as well.  With the cold temperatures we expect the course to hold up really well through the day.  We did hear that one of the bombi’s on the West end blew a hydrolic line, so it has been pulled off the trail and parked.  This wont affect the trail quality overall but there is a section of about 4K where the classic tracks will not be as deep as other places on the course.  It might be a little noticeable, but nothing of poor quality.  We also blew the transmission on the Gator yesterday.  As you can tell, our terrain is fun to ski, but hard on equipment.

As for tonight, we aren’t expecting any lake effect snow showers, but you never know – that possibility always exists.  We’re thinking wave 1 should see corduroy.

We are excited for tomorrow (and Sunday)! Cover up with your cold weather gear and face tape, eat, drink, watch out for each other, and be sure to thank any volunteers you see out on the trail as you ski by.

Happy Noque!

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