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Despite the extended warm-up and rain closing down trails across the Midwest, our trails have maintained an incredible base and skiing has been excellent…when it hasn’t been raining.  Skiers have been out on the trails logging ever increasing numbers of K’s.  Thanks to the NTN groomers for the trail prep and maintenance  – knowing when to go, and when to leave the groomers parked, is why we have have maintained excellent skiing.  And yes, there is still snow in the woods too!  No doubt, this is the place to be…also…according to the parking lot at Forestville and the home base of skiers we’ve seen over the last two weeks, the secret is out that the UP is where you find excellent skiing on all natural snow.

The big news, as is everywhere, is the sloppy weather event that started yesterday and will continue through Tuesday. For us here in the central UP, the forecast is 12-24+ of wet and heavy snow depending on elevation.  After it goes through, we will need to get into the deep woods and see how much work the narrower portions of trail will need.  It may be time to fire up the chainsaws again.

A price increase occurs soon…be sure to register and get in while the getting is good.  As a reminder – Elite wave 1 petition deadline is January 17th.

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