Race day is just over one week away.  Some trail work continues in the most remote portion of the course near Zhulkie Creek and other portions of the course are being packed and prepared for the first runs of the grooming equipment. The “new” Mead Hills bypass (used in the 24K) is now open and being groomed as well.  Grooming to the Superior Dome has been completed to help pack a nice base in the last few kilometers of the course.

It is important to note that there have been many hours of trail clearing work done this year by volunteers – over 25 kilometers of trail was completely closed off by tree fall due to the wet/heavy snow is November and December. Significant amounts of energy has been put in to opening up the trail however the upside to that is the trail is extremely well packed and conditions should be perhaps more firm then we’ve ever had.  Skiers may encounter few spots that are slightly narrower than others, but nothing that will be too noticeable.

Final details are being put in to place – this is always a busy time of year.

The extended forecast shows several inches of new snow this weekend and then it will be followed up by cold nighttime temperatures.  Then there appears to be some colder temps in store for early next week and then they might moderate into the weekend.  Dare we say the extended forecast looks to have some very enjoyable skiing temperatures?  It’s too early to say with any certainty – those of us in the UP don’t put a lot of stock in the 10 day forecast.  We will keep an eye on it…as will the wax wizards!

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