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We continue to stay in a consistent weather pattern. We did get the forecasted 2-4 of new wet snow yesterday – maybe another 1 -2 today with strong chance for some of it to be a wintry mix. There is confidence that the west end will get another 1-3 tonight of the same wet snow we’ve been getting the last two days – or, it will alternate between snow and drizzle. The timing of this is likely between midnight and 6am. The west end (the most remote section) will get it’s final groom from 2am to 7am. The start area of the 50K will get a later groom. Groomers will keep an eye on the Granite Point section to see if more snow develops and address it if they can – this is the area of the “highlands” where more snow can develop due to the terrain. Overnight temperatures aren’t going to change much. Low temperatures tonight are forecasted for 29-30 degrees. During the day on Saturday expect a high of 32 degrees with light wintry mix and maybe some light freezing drizzle in spots. Expect conditions to vary depending on what elevation you are at and how close to Lake Superior you are (welcome to the Noque!).

High humidity and comfortable temperatures for Saturday…should be some fast skis out there if you get it right! Remember to always ski under control especially on fast descents (we do have some!).

Groomers yesterday reported really excellent conditions – some of the best ever. They did see a few whips popping up in just a few locations (nothing major), but as grooming continues they will try and take care of any that pop up. Skiers should just keep their eyes open and all should be fine. These are in the areas where the trail was completely closed off from tree fall during November and Decembers snow storms. These trees froze into the ground and snow.

If any changes occur that adjust the forecast (it is the UP after all) we will post here.  Have a great and safe ski everyone!

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