Planning for the 23rd annual Noquemanon Ski Marathon continues.  The race committee is working towards some “as final as they can be right now” plans that should be released soon.  We understand there hasn’t been a lot of information from our end lately but based on the fluidity of the situation we would have just been chasing our tails.  To say the situation in the state of Michigan has been “fluid” in September and October would be a pretty big understatement.

We are a community based and community run event.  As such it is important that, as a race committee, we take the time to do this right and gain the support of the community we rely on.  At this time we are planning a version of the “Noque” that we hope participants can feel comfortable attending.  We want people to feel that it will be safe and that we have eliminated as many touchpoints as possible.  It will look different – practically everything right now does.  But; it will still be fun, it will still be a community based event, and we will continue to adjust as the conditions warrant.

Stay tuned for more detailed plans!

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