Thanks to the prep work of volunteers and NTN staff the Forestville trails are in surprisingly great shape so far – this despite our current low snow conditions.  There are a few problem spots in the low areas but even those have been in better shape than usual for the amount of snow.  The base is thin in some areas and some dirty snow is poking through in the most uneven areas but that is to be expected.  Our trails have a lot of terrain under them – they are cut right through the UP wilderness.  Forestville (where the entirety of the Full and Half marathon is planned in this COVID year) is appropriately named.  Good skis are still being used (and quite a lot…lots of skiers are out every day) but we really hope for some more snow soon.  Unfortunately the extended forecast looks to have above average temperatures and no precipitation in sight for at least the next 7 days (according to the National Weather Service).  The good news is that “above average temperatures” means around 30 during the day and should stay just below freezing and we should easily have below freezing temperatures at night.  NTN groomers will keep the trails in as good a condition as possible while we wait for the weather pattern to shift.  We are certainly not alone in this…the whole of the snowloving areas of the USA are mostly under the same mild and dry weather pattern.

We will keep you updated with trail conditions.  Until then…don’t let the lack of new snow get you down.  Get out and ski.  Here’s a recent picture of our conditions to prove it’s not all dire:

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