Varying amounts of new snow fell across the Forestville trail system over the weekend.  As much as 8 inches of wet snow fell in the higher terrain, but much less towards the trailhead.  The entire system was rolled and groomed and new track set.  The new snow we did get was a welcome sight.

Forecasts for this week are calling for a little bit of new snow here, and a little bit there and there is always the chance for some lake effect snow adding a bit more in some spots…but at this point perhaps nothing really significant over the next week.

The course for the planned race weekend (Jan 22nd-24th) will take shape over the next few days.  It is perhaps unlikely the Mead Hills Bypass will be used as we still need more snow on it to even out the rough patches on the east side.  Machines will however start to get from CR 510 west into Granite Point and get a better sense of what things look like there and connect with some prep work that was completed by one of our super volunteers.  While we can’t release a course just yet we are getting excited about how the marked route is shaping up for next weekend!

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