New adjusted course information is now published – we hope to have some better maps to share soon.

Course signage will go up tomorrow in preparation for Friday nights groom. The weather was maybe a bit warmer than forecasted – despite a cloudy day, there was quite a bit of melt. But, the base at Forestville is consistently groomed and it’s holding up pretty well so far but we’ll continue to see melt occur. We will address any thin spots that are identified as best as possible.

Some keys to the maps below – the box goes around a short section that will be two-way traffic. This area is a powerline section so it’s wide open with big sight lines. We will mark it well and keep people on their correct side of the trail.  The “X” marks the location of the 12K merge onto the 50K/24K course (which is now 23K total in length). There will be an aid station at this location.

We’ve had some questions about conditions – we have one wax recommendation so far that is Toko based and provided via our friends at Downwind Sports here in Marquette. You’ll find this in the wax recommendation section of the site. We’re getting the sense there will be a variety of things tried so best of luck in your selections. Plan for temperatures in the morning hovering at about 32 degrees, transformed snow with high humidity. Temperatures are forecasted to get up to around 36 – partly cloudy conditions.

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