This is likely the last trail report as we’ll be out working on course tonight…we have had a lot of snow melt over the last 24 hours.  The base is holding well in some spots and not so well in others.  There are areas where things are really thinning out – we will attempt to address as many of these area as best as we can with shoveling (mostly at the top of steeper hills/kickers and on tighter turns as you might expect).  There are some places with dirty snow that the tiller kicked up in prior weeks…again, we will address as many of those as we can.  With temps above freezing, and, overnight temperatures hovering at or just above freezing things will continue to soften.  The key message is to ski with caution and smile.  Good skis can still be used as there’s plenty that great, but if you’re worried about the rough spots, perhaps use your B skis especially if you’re in later waves.  Things look like spring skiing.

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