Trail Stats

Total Distance
Elevation Change
1643 ft
2242 ft
- 3088 ft
1144 ft
- 846 ft
603 / 1605
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Course Information

Full and Half Noque (Classic and Freestyle)

The full Noque will have its traditional start at Ishpeming’s at Al Quaal Recreation Area.  The Half Noque will have its traditional start at the NTN 510 trailhead.

For a interactive Google map click HERE .
*IMPORTANT* – the course East of Al Quaal Recreation area and West of CR510 is closed to the public at all times as much of it is on private land. Do not attempt to access any part of this route outside of an assigned wave time or you will be putting our event at risk.

This is the elevation profile.


The 15 Mile Snowshoe event follows the 24K course exactly.

Noque 12K (Classic and Freestyle)

The 12K course begins at the Forestville Trailhead and includes just over 1K of the Animoosh trail before joining up with the Noquemanon course that skiers will take all the way to the finish line at the NMU Superior Dome.

Junior Noque (5K/3K/1K)

Courses are held at Al Quaal Recreation Area.


3K (1 lap)

5K (2 laps)

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