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January 11, 2016 NSM Course Update

We received 5 inches of dense dry snow on Sunday morning, in the City of Marquette.  This was an odd snowfall in that only the City of Marquette and East was hit.  We certainly needed snow in town, so this helped.  Skiing is very good from Forestville (10km to go) back up to County Road 510 (24km to go).  However, we need a bit more snowfall in Granite Point and a bit more in the City of Marquette to make for skiable conditions throughout.  We are expected to get 5-8 inches more over most of our trail region tomorrow and more later in the week.  My best guess is that we need another 6 inches in the City of Marquette and 12 inches in the highlands to have a good course.  As of right now it looks like we will get it.   I will keep you posted as I have more information about the race course.


Chief of Course

Jon Mommaerts

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