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Marquette photographer Andy Gregg will be on the trail and finish area taking photos. You can purchase them through his web site.  Gregg has been published in regional and national publications. Photos direct link is


Goal Setting for the Noquemanon by David Cahmberlain
15 Simple Ways To Improve Your Athletic Performance Right Now! by HEED/Hammer Nutrition
Quick Carbohydrate Loading Guide for the Noque

Fun Facts about the Noque

What it takes to put on a Noque:
500 volunteers, 500 volunteer gifts, 1200 skiers or so, 1200 skier hats or so, 1500 racer cloth racer bibs, 1500 racer bags/tags, 250+ Moen cowbells, 5000 blue cups, 9000 red cups, 1500 Hammergel packets, 150 gallons of energy drink, 180 dozen donut holes, 20 cases bananas, 15 cases soup, 7 aid stations, 4 cases crackers, 12 port-a-potties, 15 race committee members, 51 kilometers of trail, 22 Amateur Radio Operators, 20 Medical, ski patrol, Search & Rescue personnel, 15 Land owners, 40 Sponsors, Two Big Bombis, Several snowmobiles with tidd-techs and qinzu groomers, 120” of Snow this season, One Big Dome

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