50K Relay

Share the excitement of the Noquemanon with a friend – the first leg (approx. 24K) is designated for classic skiing and the second leg (approx. 24K) is designated for freestyle skiing!

The first leg of the relay begins at Al Quaal in the 50K Classic wave 2 at 9:10am. The second leg of the relay is freestyle and will begin at the 24K Half Noque start line when your classic skiing partner arrives out of the woods! The second leg begins when the first skier touches off on the second skier. Be ready when your partner arrives!

Relay skier bibs will specify “relay race wave 2” but will not specify classic or freestyle.  Check-in instructions follow the same format as the 50K (Full Noque) and 24K (Half Noque) participants.  Relay skiers will want to remember to stop by the hat table to collect the covered Swix Noque ski hat!

Return Bussing
The classic skier will finish at the CR510 aid station which is also the start of the 24K Half Noque. Return bussing will be available via the busses dropping off skiers for the 24K and there is a warming bus available. Please reference final bussing schedule for specific departure times.

There is no parking available at the 24K start – skiers must take the bus to the start line. Spectators are allowed but any vehicles will need to park along side the road, to the south of the start area, and follow all guidelines by race officials, police, and medical personnel. 4 wheel drive vehicles only are recommended.

There are three award divisions – Overall Male, Overall Female, and Mixed.

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