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Animoosh Skijor 8.5K

“Wild Side of the Noque” Animoosh takes place on Sunday, January 26th, 2020 with both the start and finish at the Forestville Trail head.

All registered participants to receive a special gift.

Fee schedule below for the following events: 20k Snow Bike, 5K & 10K Snowshoe,  Skijor 1 dog, Skijor 2 dog

$35 by August 31, 2019
$40 by December 31, 2019
$45 by January 1, 2020 to Race Day

Day of registration will be available at the Forestville trailhead however it is not recommended (cash payments only).  Bag pick up will be Friday night at the Expo or Saturday morning at the Superior Dome 6-9am.  All racers will need to sign a waiver at packet pick up.

Animoosh 9:00 am start time at the NTN Forestville Trailhead.

Teams are sent out in 30 second interval with a cap of 50 teams.  Male and female divisions with one and two dog options. Two overall Male and Female winners.


Awards will follow the race

2 dog-

Female – 1, 2 &3

Male – 1, 2 & 3

1 dog-

Female – 1, 2 &3

Male – 1, 2 & 3


A Note from the Noquemanon Trail Network

Skijoring is not new to our Nordic trail system but its popularity is growing in our dog-friendly community.  Skijoring is accomplished when one or two dogs pull a cross-country skier.  As you can imagine this involves an increase in speed. With the lines and the dogs come added responsibilities for the dog owners. To make skijouring and skiing with your dog a safe, positive experience for all users of the trail, NTN has established on-trail guidelines.

Race Guidelines

  1. If another skier is directly behind you and yells “trail,” you must let them pass. If necessary, guide your dogs over to the side to allow for passing.
  2. Dogs must be controlled and kept from other teams.
  3. Skijorers are responsible for preventing dog fights.
  4. Skijorers cannot interfere or impede another skijorer’s progress at any time.
  5. Enjoy the trail and consider enjoying our trails after the race. See the NTN guidelines below for skijoring on our multi-use trails.

On-Trail Guidelines

  1. Doggy Trail Pass required for all dogs.  $1 per day or $10 for a season pass. Humans must purchase a day pass or seasonal membership pass.
  2. Dogs are allowed on designated trails only: Animoosh, Noque (Grand Central Station to CR 510, and Forestville Trailhead to Tourist Park), Waaban, GooKooKoo and Mukwa. These are identified on the trails by a blue dog symbol next to the trail name.
  3. Remove feces from public areas and trails. Do your part to remove others if left behind as well.
  4. Keep the dogs under control. Be able to stop your dogs within a reasonable distance.
  5. Be certain your dogs do not hinder the movement of other skiers. Please discourage your dog from approaching other skiers.  Be sensitive to the fact some people have allergies or are afraid of animals.

As all users prepare for the snowy trails be courteous to other trail users. When approaching another skier from behind, call “Trail” and “On your right (or left)”. If being passed, move to one side.  By following these guidelines and trail etiquette, we’ll keep users safe and smiling while enjoying the trails. Thanks!!

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