General Race Information

Please read all information below and then visit individual event pages for more event details.  Check back regularly for more details as they become available.

A racer bulletin will be provided at packet pickup/ski expo Friday night which will contact detailed information. Please reference the racer bulletin for complete information.

Full Noque, Half Noque, and Virtual Noque Fee Schedule

  • $75 through September 30
  • $90 through October 31
  • $95 through November 30
  • $100 through December 31
  • $105 through January 25th
  • $120 on January 27th


  • $40 through September 30
  • $45 through December 31
  • $50 through January 25th
  • $60 on January 27th

Adaptive/Sit Ski

  • $15 

Junior Noque

  • FREE

Timing by Superior Timing
Tracking of virtual timing at the Virtual Noquemanon Ski Marathon is assisted by the experts at Superior Timing.  Complete results will be posted on January 31st.

A $25 discount is offered to all youth (ages 24 and under)

Noquemanon Merchandise
Check back here for more details as they become available

Photography and Video
Marquette photographer Andy Gregg would normally be at the finish line taking photos.  We thank him for his years of support.  A gallery of Noquemanon photos can be found by clicking here.  Visit MQT Photo for other gallery here: .

Video content throughout the year is provided by Nick Jensen at FloLine Media. Visit FloLine on Vimeo HERE

Travel Information
Marquette is served by two airlines through Sawyer International Airport. They are American Airlines and Delta Airlines. Sawyer is approximately 20 miles from downtown Marquette and 30 miles to Ishpeming. Visit Travel Marquette for more travel information HERE.  Please take note of any state and local COVID regulations during your travel.

Registration for all events can be completed on line HERE. A printable version is available HERE.

Non Refundable/Non-Transferable
All entry fees are non-refundable – no exceptions. Race numbers and entries cannot be transferred to another year. No exceptions. This means once we have received your entry, you will not receive a refund if you cannot, or choose not, to participate and you cannot give or sell your number to anyone else. If any event is shortened or cancelled you will not receive a refund.  All fee are in U.S. dollars.  All participants must sign a release and indemnity agreement when registering on-line.

Packet pick-up and racer check in
Packet pick-up and racer check in for the 50K, 24K, 15Mile Snowshoe is at the NMU Superior Dome on Friday January 26th from 5pm-10pm (eastern time).  A photo ID is needed to pick up your packet.  Participants in the Rundman Jacobson Junior Noquemanon do not check in at the Superior Dome – check in and packet pick up for the Junior is at Al Quaal Recreation area on Friday January 26th before the start of the races.  Please arrive with enough time in advance – staff will be available on site in advance after the school day ends.

Saturday pick up will be available at the NMU Superior Dome starting at 6am (eastern) for those not able to check in on Friday evening.  It is strongly advised to check in on Friday evening.

Packets will contain a racer bib, information, and sponsor provided items!

Wave Assignments – 50K and 24K Events
Registrants in the 50K and 24K will self select waves using prior Noquemanon results, up until the wave fills, when registering on-line. Final wave placement will be subject to verification and race director discretion and early registration is strongly encouraged. New skiers to the Noquemanon who wish to begin in Elite Wave 1 (50K, 24K) must petition for wave 1 placement when registering on-line. If the wave you want is full when you go to register you must petition in on the registration site. See individual race pages for more information on wave assignments.

Event Registration Changes
To Request a change to your event please contact Changes will be accommodated if possible, but cannot be guaranteed and depends on space available in the race you are wanting to change to.

Virtual Option
A virtual option will be available for 50K and 24K distances on January 27th through February 3rd, 2024. Virtual participants will be mailed a bib and hat to their listed address. Be sure to register with enough time to receive your packet in the mail in time for your virtual Noque. Virtual registration will count as a completed Noquemanon but the time will not be considered for wave placement in future Noquemanon Ski Marathon events. Virtual Participants are not eligible for age group or overall awards. To upload your a virtual race time, click this link and use the submit button on the top of the page:   . Please note that the in-person Noquemanon courses will not be open to virtual participants on January 27th.

The 50K race course, West of the CR510 trailhead, is closed AT ALL TIMES to all skiers outside of a race wave. Most of that section of the course is on private land and our event only has access to these areas for a limited window of time to prep the trail and hold the Noquemanon. Skiers attempting to access the private land sections of the course outside of a race wave could mean that we loose access to the course indefinitely. Please help us be good partners to the landowners without whom the Noquemanon Ski Marathon would not exist.  

Fluorinated Waxes
Fluorinated ski wax use is permitted at the Noquemanon Ski Marathon however the race committee strongly encourages participants to use non fluorinated wax if possible.  We recognize that fluorinated waxes have been shown to have negative environmental and health impacts however given the lack of accessibility for fast and affordable testing there is no way for an event of our size to carry out testing in an equitable way. We are encouraged to see more high performance non fluorinated waxes become available to the nordic ski community and we recommend skiers begin using those products. Please note that the Noquemanon Trail Network prohibits the application of fluorinated waxes inside the Forestville Trailhead building.

COVID Protocols
The Noquemanon will be subject to any pertinent mandates from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Service as well as other state and local municipalities. Ski racing and ski events come with inherent risk. It is up to each participant to assess their own risk tolerance and at all times make reasonable efforts to ensure the safety of themselves and others both on and off the trail. If you assess that the risk to you at this time is too high, we would welcome your participation in the Virtual event. If you are registered for an in person event and need to change to the Virtual event for any reason, please contact and we will be happy to adjust this for you.


Aid Stations
There are 8 aid stations located throughout the course. Aid stations contain water, Hammer Nutrition HEED, Hammer Nutrition Hammer gels, and available fruit (bananas). Due to the nature of the course and available access points, aid stations are not evenly spread out. It is strongly advised that skiers carry their own water and/or energy to accommodate for individual needs.

Aid station #1 – Al Quaal Recreation Area appox 3.5K
Aid station #2 – Deer Lake Road approx 9K
Aid station #3 – South Camp Road approx 18K
Aid station #4 – CR 510 approx 24K
Aid station #5 – Bismark Creek approx 31K
Aid station #6 – Forestville approx 38K
Aid station #7 – Dead River approx 42K
Aid station #8 – Inside NMU Superior Dome

Please reference the separate busing schedule (provided at packet pickup/ski expo) for times and locations.

Start Line Busing – Buses from the Superior Dome to the 50K, 24K, 12K, and 15 Mile Snowshoe start lines will be available for boarding at the circular drive on the west side of the Superior Dome (off of Presque Isle Avenue). The Superior Dome will be open at 6:00 am Saturday. Buses will start running at 7:00 am. Busing will be available from the Superior Dome to the start lines AND from the finish line back to the 50K start line. The bus ride to the start line of the 50K and 24K/15 mile snowshoe is approximately 30 minutes. Busing to the start line of the 24K Half Noque/15 Mile Snowshoe is MANDATORY and it will be strictly enforced as there is no parking at the County Road 510 start area. Busing to the start line of the 50K and 12K is strongly encouraged and will help ensure a pleasant experience for participants. Please note that buses are for race participants only – no spectators are allowed on these buses. Adaptive Skiers will need to make their own arrangements for transportation to and from the NMU Superior Dome. The start and finish line is the same location. The NTN Forestville Trailhead has parking for spectators but no parking is allowed on Forestville Road. The safety of participants (your friends and family) depends on emergency vehicles gaining access to this area if there is a health issue or injury. Your vehicle will be immediately towed if parked along the road – signs will be placed indicating parking areas. The road will be sanded however it is often very icy for cars without 4WD depending on conditions.

Course Medical Aid
Marquette County Search and Rescue, Hiawatha Amateur Radio Operators, National Ski Patrol, and the Marquette Twp Fire Dept will be on the course for participant safety. Aid stations have access to emergency personnel. First aid will also be available at the finish line inside the NMU Superior Dome.

Trail Etiquette and Safety
Show courtesy to those who are trying to pass and at all times be aware of those behind and around you. Intentionally impeding another participant is not allowed and may cause disqualification. Nearly everyone involved with the Noquemanon is a volunteer – rude or abusive behavior will not be tolerated – be nice and say hi. It is expected that participants will follow instructions by race and emergency personnel. If you see an injured skier, check to see if they are ok and then notify the nearest aid station – they will have access to search and rescue and medial staff using radios.

Earbuds for playing music are not allowed – skiers must be able to be aware of their surroundings and listen for other skiers.

Cellular Service on Course
Much of the Noquemanon course is rugged and very remote. While cell phone service is not available along all of the course there are places that do and participants are encouraged to carry a cell phone in case of an emergency. When no help is within a visible distance (dial 911).

Cut Off Times
At 2:00 pm all 50K skiers will need to be past North Basin Drive. The Trail entry point at this location will be closed promptly at 2:00 pm. No one except safety and course officials are permitted past this point after 2:00 pm. All participants must finish by 4:30 pm. A race official, or Search and Rescue personnel, is required to take your bib (for liability reasons). For safety reasons these participants will not be permitted to continue on the course. Our officials will arrange a ride back to the Superior Dome. No participants are allowed on the course after the cutoff times.

Weather and Course Conditions
The Noquemanon can experience a variety of weather and snow conditions – at times the UP experiences some extreme weather – and it can vary on the same day. At all times participants need to be aware of their abilities and physical condition and make appropriate calls on participation. Course conditions can change throughout the day. Lake and creek crossings can become difficult at times and there are difficult/fast descents and climbs. Ski in control at all times.

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