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General Race Information

Sign up and know where your racers are.  Check points at the 510 Plum Creek trailhead and at the Forestville trailhead. 

Fee Schedule

50K, 24K & 15 Mile Events (Saturday)

$70 by April 30, 2017
$75 by August 31, 2017
$80 by September 30,2017
$85 by October 31, 2017
$90 by November 30,2017
$95 by December 31, 2017
$100 by January 24, 2018
$110 on January 26, 2018

12K (Saturday)

$35 by August 31, 2017
$40 by December 31, 2017
$45 by January 1, 2018 to Race Day

Adaptive/Sit Ski

$5 by January 27, 2018

“Wild Side of the Noque” (Sunday)

Fee schedule below for the following events: 20k Snow Bike, 5K Snowshoe, 10K Snowshoe, & 10K Skijor 1 dog, 10K Skijor 2 dog

$35 by August 31, 2017
$40 by December 31, 2017
$45 by January 1, 2018 to Race Day


Ski Expo & Bag Pick Up
A Ski Expo will be held during registration and bib pick-up hours on Friday, January 26th at the Superior Dome. The expo showcases our event sponsors.

Timing by Superior Timing

Skier’s families/friends will be able to sign up on-line to register for text message updates to  let them know when their skier has crossed the Forestville check point.

This will allow families to have an approximate idea when to get to the finish line to cheer!

Standard SMS Text Message Rates will apply.

SMS Alerts are a free service provided by Superior Timing. While alerts are sent moments after the participant crosses the checkpoint, we can make no guarantees for the timeliness of the message due to the nature of text messaging systems.

Sign up for this service closes at 10 pm (ET) on Friday, January 26th.

In addition to “text messaging”, race results can be followed live by going to or

TEXT Messaging Available

If you want to receive text messages of your racers locations as they cross certain points, sign up for free here:)

The text messaging site is live. Note, if you reply to a text message you receive from our system, the racer and/or the organizers of the race will not receive it. Make sure you have your loved one’s contact info should you wish to contact them after they finish!

Clothing Drop & Shuttle
We are no longer providing bags for the bag drop. Instead, we are providing industrial tags with your number. Please bring your own backpack in 2018. Skiers are responsible for getting their bags into the trucks next to each start area. Bags will be taken inside the Dome where they can be claimed following the race. Race officials are not responsible for lost or stolen property.

Discounts will be applied using mail in registration forms and using one payment.  A $25 discount is offered to all youth (ages 24 and under) skiing in the 15 mile Snowshoe, 24k or 50K race.   12k discount for high school teams is $20 paid two weeks before race date and $25 if paid on week of race.

Food and First Aid Stations

Noquemanon Ski Marathon – Seven aid stations are located approximately every 7K throughout the course. They will contain warm Energy Drink and water, oranges and/or bananas. The 24K aid station will also be stocked with Hammer Gel. All aid stations are manned by local volunteers and service club members. Please thank them as you pass by.

Half Noque  Three aid stations are available for the 24K skiers. They are located at the 19K marker, 11K marker, and the 4K marker. There is one last aid station inside the Superior Dome. The aid stations will contain warm  Energy Drink and water, oranges and/or bananas. All aid stations are manned by local volunteers and service club members. Please thank them as you pass by. The Marquette County Search and Rescue and Ham Radio Operators will be on the course.

Friday Night Pasta Feed -Eastside Restaurant Association

Local Marquette Restaurants will be offering pasta specials in the $7 -$10 range.  More information will be available soon.

Noquemanon Merchandise
Merchandise will be available at the Ski Expo and at the Awards Ceremony at the Superior Dome.

Available at the Superior Dome on race day by advance arrangements. Email the NTN office at or call our office at (906)235-6861  for details.

Marquette photographer Andy Gregg will be at the finish line snapping photos. You can purchase them through his web site.  Gregg has been published in regional and national publications. 2017finish line photos can be found at by clicking here.

 Noquemanon Ski Marathon 50K race (start located in Ishpeming): Birchview School will be open in the morning as a place to keep warm. The start of the race is 30 minutes from the Dome, so we recommend you take a bus no later than one hour prior to the start of your race. Buses will leave the Dome approximately every 15-20 minutes starting at 7:00 am until 9:00 am. Skiers doing the classic marathon are strongly encouraged to take one of the first two buses, leaving at either 7:00 am or 7:15 am. The last bus for this race leaves at 9:00 am.   NOTE: Timing chips are adhered to your race bib with foam tape. Do not remove the tape.

Half Marathon (located off of CR 510): Warming buses are available at the start. There is no parking available at the start of the mBank half marathon. Busing is your only option unless you have arranged a ride. There will be no buses returning here after the race, although a bus will be available to take spectators from the start of the race back to the Dome after the last race starts. Buses will leave the Dome approximately every 15-20 minutes starting at 10:00 am until approximately 11:55 am. The last bus for this race leaves at 11;55 pm. NOTE: Timing chips are adhered to your race bib with foam tape. Do not remove the tape.

Noque 12K: There will be two buses going to the Noquemanon Trail Network Trail Head at Forestville, one leaving at approximately 8:20 am and another at approximately 9:00 am. Due to road conditions buses will drop racers at the bottom of the hill by the stop sign prior to the drive to the Pole Barn, approximately a ¼ mile walk. The Pole Barn will be open as a warming house, so bring all your stuff. There will be no transportation back to Forestville after the race, so racers are encouraged to take a bus from the Dome, or arrange their own transportation back to the start line. NOTE: Timing chips are adhered to your race bib with foam tape. Do not remove the tape.

Return Buses: Starting at 1:00 pm, a bus will run on the hour from the Dome to our 4 sponsor hotels and then to Ishpeming to shuttle racers back to the start of full marathon. The last run will be at 5:00 pm. There is no transportation back to the start of the ½ marathon or to start of the 12k ski race at Forestville.

The Ski Race Busing coordinator is Carol Steinhaus. She will be available at the Dome after 6:45 am. She will try to make sure everyone gets to where they need to go, but please remember she is a volunteer. Treat her kindly and with the respect she deserves.

SUNDAY EVENTS:  Sunday events start and end at the Forestville Trailhead.

 Awards Ceremony
The Noquemanon Ski Marathon, mBank Half Noque & 15 Mile Snowshoe,12k Noque ceremony will be held at the Superior Dome at 5:00 pm.  NMU will be providing a bar with local Blackrocks Brewery Beer.  Check out the 51K IPA the official beer of the Noquemanon.

Travel Information
Marquette is served by two airlines through Sawyer International Airport. They are American Airlines and Delta Airlines. Sawyer is approximately 20 miles from downtown Marquette and 30 miles to Ishpeming.


Online registration ends at midnight ET on  Wednesday, January 24, 2018.    Change of events: if slots are available requests to change races are handled by Registration chief.  Email

Non Refundable/Non-Transferable

Entry fees are non-refundable; race numbers and entries cannot be transferred to another year.  No exceptions.  This means once we have received your entry, you will not receive a refund if you cannot participate, and you may not give or sell your number to anyone else.  All fee are in U.S. dollars.

All participants must sign a release and indemnity agreement when picking up their race packets.

Registration/Race Packet Pick-up
Race registration and bib pick-up will be from 5:00 pm until 10 pm on Friday, January 26th at the Superior Dome . Same day racer packet pick-up is available upon request, please email at Race packets contain many extras including the coveted Noque Swix hats,  sponsor goodies and coupons.

Race confirmation will be can be done by checking the start list located on the registration page. Please bring proof of identification to packet pick-up. All skiers will need to sign a waiver at bib pick up.


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