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24K Half Noque

The Half Noque is a 24K point to point ski race utilizing the last 24K of the Noque trail. Half Noque skiers begin at County Road 510 between Negaunee and Marquette. This start line is six miles north of U.S. Hwy 41. 24K skiers end at the same full Noque finish line at the NMU Superior Dome. Skiers must be bused to the start line since there is very limited parking at the start area. Buses will remain at the start line for warmth. The elevation at this area is approximately 1600 feet. The ending elevation at the Superior Dome is approximately 700 feet. There are three aid stations along the way. All aid stations have water and Hammer HEED energy drink. At the finish line, inside, will be one last aid station with warm food and drink. There will also be a ski valet where you can keep your skis while visiting with other skiers or taking advantage of the shower facilities. Race results will be posted inside the Superior Dome along with a result receipt.  All 24K racers will ski the Mead Hills bypass near the 22K mark – this is different than the 50K race.

Saturday Events 24K Ski Classic & Freestyle, 15 Mile Snow­shoe

  • $70 by April 30, 2019
  • $75 by August 31, 2019
  • $80 by September 30,2019
  • $85 by October 31, 2019
  • $90 by November 30,2019
  • $95 by December 31, 2019
  • $100 by January 22, 2020
  • $110 on January 24, 2020

No race day registration!

Registration/Race Packet Pick-up
Race registration and bib pick-up will be from 5:00 until 10 pm on Friday, January 24th at the NMU Superior Dome. Same day racer packet pick-up is available upon request. Race packets contain important race information as well as sponsor information. The coveted Swix Noque ski hat will be available for pick up at this time.

Race confirmation will be done by checking the start list located on the registration page. Please bring proof of identification to packet pick-up. All skiers will need to sign a waiver at bib pick up.

Change of Events
If slots are available requests to change races are handled by the Registration Cheif. Email prior to January 22nd. Changes after the 22nd will be accommodated at the Expo, Jan 24th with a $10 change request fee.


Entry fees are non-refundable; race numbers and entries cannot be transferred to another year. No exceptions. This means once we have received your entry, you will not receive a refund if you cannot, or choose not, to participate. You cannot give or sell your number to anyone else. If any race is shortened or cancelled you will not receive a refund. All fee are in U.S. dollars.

All participants must sign a release and indemnity agreement when pick up their race packets.

Return on investment
The opportunity to ski the last half of the Noque trail with fellow skiers and the Mead Hills bypass! You will also receive the coveted and embroidered Swix Noque ski hat, a cloth bib, chip timing, sponsor goodies and coupons, a chance to win a cowbell through age group awards or overall awards, vendor giveaways (at Awards Ceremony—must be present to win), transportation to the start line, aid stations along the trail, massages (should you choose one), an overall feeling of accomplishment of skiing 24 kilometers, and the camaraderie of skiing with others who feel the same way!

The Half Noque offers separate classic and freestyle races. Classic skiers start in advance of the skating waves. Classic tracks and skating lanes are provided throughout the entire course.

Cut off Times
All half marathon skiers must finish the race by 4:30 pm.

Finish Line
The half marathon ends at the NMU Superior Dome. The Dome is a world-class facility and has plenty of showers so leave a towel and fresh change of clothes in your backpack! Once at the Dome – check in your skis at the ski valet, warm up, shower, and rejuvenate at the last aid station. Race results will be posted inside the Dome, plus computers will be set up so that you can check race results. Race results will also appear in the Sunday edition of the Mining Journal and on-line at

Professional timing services are provided by Superior Timing using chip timing.

Wave Placement & Start Times

24K Classic

  • Wave 1 – 11:45AM
  • Wave 2 – 11:55AM
  • Wave 3 – 12:05PM
  • Wave 4 – 12:15PM

24K Freestyle 

  • Wave 1 – 12:30PM
  • Wave 2 – 12:40PM
  • Wave 3 – 12:50PM
  • Wave 4 – 1:00PM
  • Wave 5 – 15 Mile Snowshoers at  1:10PM

Preferred Start Positions
The half marathon consists of classic and freestyle races. Each of the races has four or five waves. Wave placements are based on results from the 2019 Noque half marathon. Registrants will enter their previous time, or a comparable race time, on the registration site. If you want a preferred wave placement, you must petition via email at

Half Noque Prizes
The top three finishers of the  24K Classic and Freestyle races will receive Moen Cowbells.


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