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Adaptive Ski

Start Times and Location
3:30 pm 500 meter – Saturday January 26th at the NTN Forestville Trailhead (start and finish) – please check back often for updates.

3:30pm 3K – Saturday January 26th at the NTN Forestville Trailhead.

Contact the Adaptive Ski coordinator Nancy Uschold at for questions, concerns, or spotter requests.

Please let us know your transportation needs. Email  We are happy to accommodate.

Registration fee is $5.00.  Upon request, the Noque can provide spotters to ski along during the race. We can accommodate interest in any of the weekend events.  12K, 24K, and 50K (held on the same courses). Rates will remain as printed.

Change of Events
If slots are available requests to change races are handled by the Registration Coordinator.  Email prior to January 23rd. Changes after the 23rd will be accommodated at the Expo, Jan 25th , with a $10 change request fee.

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