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September 2016 Course Update/Trail Report

We have entered our second year of a three year major course improvement plan and will continue working on it until snow flies. In addition to routine mowing, trimming and stump removal, we have 2 major new course changes. There is a new 3km loop in the Al Quaal recreation area. This is a section that was completed just over a year ago to accommodate FIS and NCAA races. This new section is much wider for the first 3km then we have had to this point, thus allowing for more space for skiers to maneuver the starting crowds. The start will be in the same location and direction, however skiers will head east towards Teal Lake, and then loop back towards the starting line where they will be cheered on by the Ishpeming crowd just prior to heading back on the historical Noque race trail. To even out the distance, we are eliminating approximately 3km in the Granite Point area. There is heavy equipment there now carving a brand new cut off of Granite Point. This new section should be wider, and much more skier friendly than our historical route and eliminates most if not all of the challenging technical downhills! There are two reasons for this change. One, we have a new landowner that is in need of our historical trail for the driveway to his new home. Second, we needed to eliminate some rough sections as they were not “groomer friendly”.

Most of the rest of the trail south of the Dead River Basin, will be heavily cleared of brush and some culverts will be added. We should be able to gain some more width all while make grooming easier. There is an added benefit of requiring less snowfall than in the past for this new section now as well. If time permits, we will also do a modest reroute in the Forestville area to eliminate one major road crossing. Our volunteers will be very happy with this!

Last year the skiing experience was the best we have ever had, despite low snow conditions. This upcoming race should be another large step towards creating the race trail we have always envisioned. I am very confident that you will enjoy the 2017 race course improvements! See you in January.

Jon Mommaerts
Chief of Course

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