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Trail Report 1/11/17

Thanks to your prayers for snow we received 6 inches of dense snowfall yesterday from the start line to the finish line and are getting more today (so whatever you did…keep doing it).  We are rolling the course all the way to the dome today.  Yesterday we packed everything from Forestville (10km from the finish line) back to Deer Lake (10km from the full marathon start line).  Everything looked pretty good!

The Bombi was even out at Forestville this morning and groomed all trails inside 17k this morning with race ready classic tracks.  Again, snow is still falling.

It seems that we are in pretty good shape for a great race.  We still plan on more detailed assessments in the coming week.  We’ll also be watching the forecast as there is a warm stretch headed our way possibly for next week.  It’s too far away to tell what happens with that yet.

-UPHS Noquemanon Race Committee

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