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Trail Report 1/16/17

On Sunday Jason and Paul skied backwards from the Superior Dome up to 510 and back down.  Coverage was excellent over the entire area and very good in the city limits.  Excellent coverage on the upper half of the course as well.  Skiing was just great.

That said…we are going to be watching and waiting to see what happens this week.  Just like the rest of the entire Mid-West we are in store for a full week of unusually warm weather beginning in earnest on Tuesday the 17th.  We do not yet know to what extent we will experience melt and there are many factors to account for.  Many ski trails in other states of the Mid-West have closed down or have plans to close down while they wait out the warm up.  After the week of warmth we will still have a week of time which could bring in more snow after any melt that occurs.  It does seem like at this time we are going to miss out on the rain other parts of the region are supposed to get early this week.  That is a good sign.

As updates are available we will post the reports.

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