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Trail Report 1/24/17

Please note – course conditions have been changing rapidly.  Stay up to date here on and the race facebook page.  Currently registered racers may also receive e-mails regarding course changes.

Temperatures continued to be warm yesterday and will be above freezing today until below freezing temperatures are expected for the rest of the week.  Yesterday’s warmer than expected temps created some water holes on the west end of the course.  We believe those sections are repairable with some hand shoveling, freezing temps and an inch or two of fresh snow.  We continue to have very good depth of snow on many of the areas of the course with the best conditions being from country road 510 (halfway point) into Forestville (10km to dome).  Yesterday we did a close inspection of the trail after Forestville trailhead (10km to dome) to the 4km to go mark (Log yard).  At this point, we believe that finishing at the Log Yard (4km to the dome) is a real possibility.  I had a great meeting with the landowners of this property and we feel that if we can get an inch or two of new snow (as forecasted) and some freezing temperatures, we will be able to haul in enough fresh snow to finish the race at this location.   We will continue to keep you posted over the next few days on our progress.  If any local people have an hour or two to volunteer in the next three days, please let us know.  You can call the race number and they will get your information and make the needed connections.


Jon Mommaerts

Chief of Course

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