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Tuesday evening Jan 12, 2016

We ended up receiving 4” of dense snowfall in Marquette and Ishpeming and 8” in the highlands.  This is on top of the 5 inches we received over the weekend.  We had estimated that we needed 6” in the city and 12” in the highlands to make the full race course go on as planned.  We are very close.  We have snowfall expected Thursday through Sunday this week.  Things are looking pretty good, however it would be nice to get a couple more inches of snow.    I further suspect that we could hold the entire race (if it were to happen tomorrow) , but it would require a large effort filling in some thin areas and the last 2km into the finish.   At this point, we have plenty of snow base to hold our Sunday events. I will update you again, in a couple of days…hopefully after the expected snowfall.


Jon Mommaerts

Chief of Course

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