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Wax Recommendation from TOKO


Noquemanon Ski Marathon 50K
Ishpeming to Marquette, MI
Saturday, January 23
9 A.M. 50K Classic, 9:55 A.M. 50K Skate
Wave start, 10 minute waves

Forecast/Conditions: Mostly cloudy with an overnight low around 7F. Saturday partly sunny, with race temperature ranging from 10-20. The temperature historically stays low in the first half of the course. Expect transformed and machine worked firm trail to be dirty near road crossings and act colder than the predicted temperatures.

Glidewax: Apply LF Blue, scrape and brush. Apply HF Blue, scrape and brush. Finish by crayoning JetStream Blue block, iron hot (320F) with a layer of fiberlene under the iron, traveling slowly (20 seconds) tip to tail. Brush with a dedicated nylon polishing brush and polish with a thermopad.

Gripwax: Roughen base with 150 grit sandpaper, iron in Nordic Base Wax Green, cork smooth, let cool. Then apply 2-3 layers of Nordic GripWax Blue, corking between layers. Cover with 1-2 layers of Nordic GripWax X-Cold

Structure: A fine linear structure covered by one pass with the Blue Structurite tool (before JetStream application) will best suit these conditions.

Created by Michael Young, Toko Tech Team member since 2005.

Check the WaxTip page at before all of your races for the latest waxing information. The Toko Race Wax Tips offer racers precise waxing advice on how to make your skis perform optimally for a given event. For racers who don’t have top end waxes, skip the Fluorocarbon (JetStream) and substitute the LF or NF wax of the same color (Yellow, Red or Blue). To see optimal application procedures for both Glidewax and Gripwax, go to

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