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Down Wind Sports recommendations:

Early wax suggestions as of Monday January 17, 2022.
Currently the extended forecast is calling for cold snow for several days before the race. Race day is expected to have a high near 20F. Low on Friday night should be around 10F. Expect to wax for snow temps around 12-14F. (Always better to error on the cold side when waxing in advance). These wax suggestions will likely change as we get closer to race day. Look for revisions late in the week.


Glide – HP Blue covered with HP blue liquid (let liquid sit on ski for several hours (overnight is better).
Buff and polish in the morning. If forecast warms slightly we may suggest a blue/red mix. Use blue structure tool before spraying liquid and buffing.

Grip- Should be an easy Grip year. Clean ski, rough up grip zone with sand paper, iron in one thin layer of base green toko grip. Let cool. Cork on 3 smooth layers of Toko Blue. Later racers. May want to add a layer of toko red under the blue.


Glide – Top, High or performance speed 6 (whatever your budget allows). Cover with High performance liquid Swix or toko if you have it. Older waxes that have the number 6 on them will be great.

Grip – I still like Toko’s Green base ironed in. Cover with v40 or vp40 (several light, smooth layers). Later start racers may want to test v45 or vp45. Older vr40 and vr45 can be substituted.


BNS recommendations:  Check back later


Gear West:  Check back later



Glidewax: Apply High Performance Blue Hot Wax, scrape and brush. Apply a second layer of HP Blue Hot Wax, scrape and brush. Due to the likelihood of snow during the event and the point-to-point course (snow won’t get as skied in compared to a multi loop course), we are recommending only HP Hot wax and no HP LP.

Gripwax: Roughen base with 150 grit sandpaper, iron in Nordic Base Wax Green, cork smooth, let cool. Then apply 3-5 layers of Nordic GripWax Blue, corking between layers. Latest starters consider adding a penultimate layer of GripWax Red covered by Blue.

Structure: A fine structure covered by one pass with the Blue Structurite tool after scraping and brushing HP Hot Wax will best suit these conditions.


Fast Wax:

Low Cost recommendation: Base Prep > Thunderbolt 10 > (2 layers)

High Cost recommendation: Base Prep > Thunderbolt Plus 10 > (2 Layers), Race Pro Cold

Both Recommendations are completely Fluorocarbon free. These waxes utilize FlowerCarbon technologies.



Glide Cleaner (very imprintant for durability).
G-21 Liquid
Topcoat: N-Kenetic Cold

Base Binder: Liquid Base or Base Binder Hardwax
3-4 thin layers of N21
Thin single cover layer of 30 GB



Glide Wax Recommendation 

Good  SG Green RG Blue
Better RG Green RG Race Blue
Best RG Race Green RG Ultra Blue RG Ultra Finish Gel Blue

Kick Wax Recommendation

Base Base Wax, Ironed
Kick 1 Synthetic Blue, Corked
Alternative +Speed, apply cover layer of Terva Blue, Corked


Swix: Check back later


Solda:  Check back later

Check back later

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