Wax Recommendations

Wax recommendations from shops and your favorite brands

Downwind Sports recommendations:  

The following recommendation was created to help racers wanting to wax before they travel to Marquette. It is very early for a recommendation (1/25)  and would advise checking back with the Toko recommendation closer to race day. We are happy to announce that the Toko wax stations will be back at the dome for the expo. There, you will get to talk to Toko representatives and they will give you guidance while you wax your own skis in the dome.

Plan for snow temps to be around 10F for the day on Saturday.  In these conditions, consider using:


Toko High Performance Blue (scrape and brush)
Toko High performance Blue (Liquid) (let dry overnight, buff and polish)

Structure – Toko Structure Blue


Toko Green (iron in and smooth / cool)
Three layers of Toko Grip Blue (light and smooth – individually corked in)


Gear West:

Baselayer – Swix Marathon, Start SG Green
Topcoat – Swix TSP5 Powder
Kick – Toko Base Binder Green ironed in. Race layers to try are VP30, VP40, Rode Multigrade Blue
Structure – LZ0 or LC0 stonegrind with no additional hand structure


Glidewax: Apply High Performance Blue Hot Wax, sprinkle on X-Cold Powder, iron in together, scrape and brush. Spray on High Performance Blue Liquid Paraffin, let stand overnight, then polish with the Polishing Brush Liquid Paraffin. If you do not have LP spray, apply BP Blue Hot Wax, scrape and brush, then apply HP Blue Hot Wax, sprinkle on X-Cold Powder, iron in together, scrape and brush.

Gripwax: Roughen base with 150 grit sandpaper, iron in Nordic Base Wax Green, cork smooth, let cool. Then apply 3-5 layers of Nordic GripWax Blue depending on race distance, corking between layers. Earliest starters can finish with one layer of GripWax X-Cold.

Structure: A fine structure covered by one pass with the Blue Structurite tool after scraping and brushing the final Hot Wax or before spraying HP LP will best suit these conditions.

Fast Wax: 

Both Recommendations are completely Fluorocarbon free. These waxes utilize FlowerCarbon technologies

Low Cost

Base Prep
HS 10
(Option – Thunderbolt 10)
(Option – HSX10

High Cost
Base Prep
Thunderbolt Plus 10 (2 layers)
Race Pro Artic



Glide Cleaner
Underlayer Rex Green or RG 32
Paraffin: G21 liquid or Rex Blue
Topcoat: N-Kinetic cold


Binder: Rex Base ironed in
Grip Option 1: -2-8 (3-4 layers) plus one layer N21G on top
Grip Option 2: -2-8 (3-4 layers) plus one layer -1-4 on top

Start:  Check back later

Swix: Check back later

Solda:  Check back later

ZumWax:  Check back later

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