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Wednesday January 20, 2016

Race course is coming along very well.  We have continued to fill in thin areas and groom the entire trail.  The trail looks very good and has an average of a 4” very firm packed base.  We should be able to set track over the far majority of the course, however we may pull the track setter in obvious thin areas.  There could be the occasional dirt spot, but it should be minimal and easy to ski around.  We are not expecting any more snow through race day.  Temperatures are very cold at night (single digits) and will be warming into the high 20’s for Friday and race day.  Perfect for grooming.  We have groomed 42km of the course with a Pisten Bulley or Bombardier 160 and 180.   The rest of the 8km’s are being done with Ginsu’s.   I am very pleased with how the course is firming up.  Should be a great day on Saturday!

See you then.

Jon Mommaerts

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