Wet/heave snow fell today!  New snow totals of 8-10+ inches fell and there are a few more inches forecasted for overnight.  This was certainly welcome after quite a bit of rain fell earlier in the week.

We will be out assessing the condition of the course over the weekend – this will include all of the water crossings. Things were looking a little slushy on those before the rain fell and now there is new snow on top of it. Temperatures from now until race day should stay just below the freezing mark, although not much below. As much preparation as could be done was done, but we suspect the lake crossings could end up being a bit of a “character building experience”. Good thing the scenery is great! We will know more about the condition of these after this weekend.

Seasonable January cold temperatures look to return the weekend of the race although the timing of that is not yet certain in the weather forecasts. If very cold air sits around for some time before the race, that will help out the preparation of the wet spots out there. It just hasn’t been cold enough for the creek crossings to freeze over. Luckily we have plenty of snow to get those prepped and ready.

More updates to come after the weekend!
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