More trailwork occurred over the weekend with a primary concentration on the wet spots.  All of the creeks/streams/drainage areas are flowing water as the winter has been so warm so far this year.  Luckily there is enough snow for snow bridges and we’ve put a lot of work into those over the last few weeks.

Next – the lake/pond crossings (Deer Lake, Dead River Basin, and the 2 Forestville ponds).  There is still a LOT of slush under the snow on those due to all of the rain and continued mild temperatures we have had.  We are trying various ways to try to expose the slush and make it workable to hopefully firm up a bit with the cooler overnight temperatures.  More to come on that as we get closer to the weekend.  At least we have snow….so many places do not right now.  It’s safe to say we don’t know what the final product on those will look like.

Temperature wise it’s getting interesting.  Things don’t look to cool down a bit until Thursday, then we’ll have a cold Friday night, and Saturday will be the coldest day we’ve seen so far this winter with a high of approximately 12 degrees F.  That’s likely not enough time to shape up the lake crossings, but it’ll continue to get worked.  Light snow has been falling, and will continue to fall through the weekend.  Not much in the way of additional accumulations are expected at this time.  No concerns there.

More to come!

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