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Varying amounts of new snow fell across the Forestville trail system over the weekend.  As much as 8 inches of wet snow fell in the higher terrain, but much less towards the trailhead.  The entire system was rolled and groomed and new track set.  The new snow we did get was a welcome sight. Forecasts […]

The Forestville Trail system is holding up surprisingly well despite the low snow conditions however there are some problem spots beginning to show in some areas on side trails.  The main Noque trail is still in good shape overall.  The bigger story is the lack of snow in the upcoming forecast.  Their was a planned […]

Thanks to the prep work of volunteers and NTN staff the Forestville trails are in surprisingly great shape so far – this despite our current low snow conditions.  There are a few problem spots in the low areas but even those have been in better shape than usual for the amount of snow.  The base […]

Planning for the 23rd annual Noquemanon Ski Marathon continues.  The race committee is working towards some “as final as they can be right now” plans that should be released soon.  We understand there hasn’t been a lot of information from our end lately but based on the fluidity of the situation we would have just […]

Registration for 20201 opens April 1st! We are excited for the 23rd annual event. Note that the early bird rate has been extended all the way to the end of August! Please review the race sections for details as there have been some changes made to the wave assignment process – we will now be […]

We continue to stay in a consistent weather pattern. We did get the forecasted 2-4 of new wet snow yesterday – maybe another 1 -2 today with strong chance for some of it to be a wintry mix. There is confidence that the west end will get another 1-3 tonight of the same wet snow […]

Some change to the forecast, but nothing major.  The National Weather Service is still calling for anywhere from 2-4 inches of new snow by early Friday. So far, it’s been a wintery mix with a little bit of freezing drizzle mixed in the closer you get to Lake Superior. We expect mostly snow to continue […]

Course conditions overall continue to look pretty great. We aren’t quite sure about slush on the water crossings just yet but the big snow over the weekend did push some water up on the lower ponds (last 7K). Cold temperatures early this week should firm that up but temperatures look to moderate pretty significantly end […]

The story today was more snow – the most remote parts of the course received about 12 inches while in the city limits about 6 inches of new snow fell.  More lake effect snow is in the forecast for Saturday night and Sunday which should bring a few more inches and then that should do […]

Race day is just over one week away.  Some trail work continues in the most remote portion of the course near Zhulkie Creek and other portions of the course are being packed and prepared for the first runs of the grooming equipment. The “new” Mead Hills bypass (used in the 24K) is now open and […]

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