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We are happy to report that the course is coming along nicely. Coverage is excellent, the base is quite firm, and the lake and pond crossings are starting to firm up a bit too (especially Deer Lake). We even received 1-2 inches of new snow on top of the work done prior. It’s possible we […]

More trailwork occurred over the weekend with a primary concentration on the wet spots.  All of the creeks/streams/drainage areas are flowing water as the winter has been so warm so far this year.  Luckily there is enough snow for snow bridges and we’ve put a lot of work into those over the last few weeks. […]

Wet/heave snow fell today!  New snow totals of 8-10+ inches fell and there are a few more inches forecasted for overnight.  This was certainly welcome after quite a bit of rain fell earlier in the week. We will be out assessing the condition of the course over the weekend – this will include all of […]

Work on the more remote areas of the marathon course occurred over the weekend.  Here are the highlights from Ishpeming to 510 after getting eyes on it: A few trees needed to be cleared from the last ice and windstorm and some cleanup on the edges of the trail was needed.  Water crossings have started […]

Skiing in the area over the weekend was excellent. Last week’s heavy/wet snow placed a thick blanket of snow and ice on the trees that turned the ski trails into wintry tunnels.  Add in mild temperatures and it was incredible.  More snow fell than was expected, especially in the higher elevations (12-16+ in some spots), […]

January is here and it’s time to start the trail reports for the 2023 race – our 25th year! The Christmas storm brought plenty of snow and skiing was great across the system – then it warmed up.  Warm temperatures and some rain put a big dent in the ski trails but luckily the overnight […]

For you weather watchers, here is an early Noquemanon Ski Marathon weather report from our partners at the National Weather Service in Marquette: Early indications suggest weather won’t play a huge role in this weekend’s races.  After today’s couple inches of snow, it looks like prospects of any additional significant snow this week are low…just […]

Course conditions continue to look pretty good out there! There is less snow pack as you enter the Marquette city limits but we currently have adequate coverage there as well. The really good news is that we wont be loosing any snow this week as temperatures will remain below freezing. In fact, we should even […]

The last snows that arrived to our area dumped near 30 inches of snow in the higher elevations and pretty significant snows in the city limits as well.  Things seem to be in pretty great shape at this point in time!  Trail work is beginning in those areas in preparation for grooming and the entry […]

Some recent snow has helped restore trails (slowly) over the last week. The massive amounts of melt that occurred created an icy base that will serve us well for the rest of the winter. It is still thin in some spots and there are some problem areas but as we get a little bit of […]

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