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Trail Reports

Wednesday January 20, 2016

Race course is coming along very well.  We have continued to fill in thin areas and groom the entire trail.  The trail looks very good and has an average of a 4” very firm packed base.  We should be able to set track over the far majority of the course, however we may pull the […]

Monday, January 18, 2016

As of today, every inch of the ski trail has now been groomed at least once. Today I examined the trail from 45km (Deer Lake) to 30km (just north of the Dead River Basin). Overall the trail looks good and is going to be ready for Saturday. Deer Lake looks very good. No slush and […]

Saturday morning, January 16, 2016

GREAT NEWS! More snowfall since my last report has guaranteed us a full race course next weekend! Since my last report we felt we needed 2-4 inches of snowfall to have a good ski course. Since then we have received more than that. We received between 4 to 10 inches depending on course location, with […]

Tuesday evening Jan 12, 2016

We ended up receiving 4” of dense snowfall in Marquette and Ishpeming and 8” in the highlands.  This is on top of the 5 inches we received over the weekend.  We had estimated that we needed 6” in the city and 12” in the highlands to make the full race course go on as planned.  […]

Tuesday morning January 12, 2016

I woke this morning planning on skiing the race course from the finish back out towards Forestville. However, snow is falling hard, wind is blowing, schools are closed. I already have a couple of inches of snow at my house which is close to the finish line. We are expected to get 5-8 inches of […]

January 11, 2016 NSM Course Update

We received 5 inches of dense dry snow on Sunday morning, in the City of Marquette.  This was an odd snowfall in that only the City of Marquette and East was hit.  We certainly needed snow in town, so this helped.  Skiing is very good from Forestville (10km to go) back up to County Road […]

NSM Trail Improvements Update-November 6, 2015

We have made the most significant progress on the race course improvements, since 1999.  More progress is planned for 2016 and 2017.   We are working on 3 year plan to improve the course by widening the trail, improving the surface area, re-building many of the hills and gaining long-term access. So far this year we […]

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